When Is The Best Time To Have A Wedding In The UK?

Have you started planning for your wedding? Are you having a hard time choosing the best month to get married? Well, here’s a breakdown of all the months in the year and the reasons why each month is a good idea to have your wedding.


• Fewer people get married in January so you will have a lot of choices when it comes to the dates.

• The weddings are cheaper and can even get an exciting last-minute deal.

• One disadvantage is that most of your guests have spent their money during the holidays so they might be less keen to travel.


• It’s the most romantic month to have a wedding.

• You can have a red heart theme for your wedding and actually pull it off.

• The disadvantage is that it’s quite cold in February so your guests need to be wrapped up, especially if you are planning an outdoor wedding.


• Here, it’s the start of the spring season and the wild flowers have started popping up.

• You can get a discounted deal from the wedding venues since fewer weddings happen in March, at the start of spring.

• The weather is fresh and sunny but most weddings will not happen during this month so it’s a cheaper option for you.

• Since Lent period happens during March, your guests have given up on alcohol and cake so it’s a huge disadvantage on your end.


• Since Easter falls in April, most people choose this month for their weddings. Even better, the schools are out so there will be more guests at your wedding.

• There is a good balance of warm weather without the summer heat.

• The disadvantage here will be the rain so an indoor wedding is the best idea unless you plan for the April showers accordingly.


• Here, you can enjoy fresh flowers and sunny spells.

• There are 2 bank holidays in this month so guests might take their holidays or choose to attend your wedding. It’s both an advantage and a disadvantage.


Many weddings take place in June because it takes a while to get dark. You can have a marquee reception in this month.

• A June wedding is quite expensive and most venues are booked months in advance.


• It’s the height of summer and most people love to get married in July because you can have an outdoor wedding.

• The disadvantage is that your guests will have many invites so plan your dates accordingly to avoid a clash.


• It’s also a sun-filled month and most people love getting married in August because of the school holidays and balmy weather.

• Of course, it’s a peak season for wedding venues so you will end up paying a lot more for your venue.


• There is good weather and better availability compared to the summer months.

• The demand on the venues isn’t too hot so you can enjoy some flexibility.

• The disadvantage is that there is the gloom of going back to school but your wedding might be the thing that perks everyone’s mood.


• An autumn wedding is a good idea because of the beautiful clear skies and amazing wedding accompaniments.

• The weather is perfect for taking outdoor photos.


• If you love a winter wedding, November is the best month to do it.

• It’s the best month for any wedding on a budget.

• It’s also photogenic with the crispy cold and atmospheric nature.

• The disadvantage is that it’s cold so you will spend a lot of money making the venue warm and cosy.


• It’s the best month if you want to make a style statement in the holidays.

• It’s a busy season so you should give your guest’s a warning in advance.

• The huge disadvantage here is that the weather can be quite tricky and snow might hamper any transportation plans.

Take a look at all the months when making a decision for the best results!


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